The only way I could ever see 500 articles written per mouth is through outsourcing. 17 articles a day would be exhausting.

2 articles per day is a difficult enough challenge 3 at the maximum.

Having had to have an assignment in 2 weeks ago, writing 3 (150-250) words and building up to (300-400) word summary was tiring.

This was on a make shift desk as I was waiting on equipment to arrive.

To have the amount of time it takes to write around 17 articles per they would be very long days without much sleep. That is heading for burnout, let alone where would you have time to eat or prepare meals.



I do not do queues or standing in line of more than 3 people. The only exception is at the GP or Hospital Outpatient Appointments then there is no option.

Yes Yorkshire tea is quite unique, as we used to buy Tetley or Nambarrie and occasionally Punjana tea, now the only tea my mum buys is Yorkshire.

Aww now I miss Cadbury's Chocolate, as not all bars are suitable on a Gluten Free Diet.

I like the quaintness of the English pub, though it is not somewhere I frequent. Few meals are served in Northern Ireland pubs, only the occasional place.

Oh the Weather, that gets tiring to listen to, as it never pleases everyone, it is either too cold or too warm. I except it for what it is and dress appropriately.