Living With a Disability

Peter Andrew Edwards
6 min readJun 25, 2020

Not Everything is Black and White. Some people are wheelchair bound, while others are not.

Why do some people stop and stare or even pass remarks, when someone is in a Wheelchair or something about them that looks different. We are only human, and some of us never asked to be born that way. Please don’t stop and stare it takes courage for us to be able to go outside, because you are different than other’s really is no excuse.

How would you describe someone with a disability, let me describe something that actually happened to me, is this how would like someone to describe you?

Just, by someone else painting a picture of an individual, more often than not by how another person describes you to someone else. Once a person painted a very different picture of me, in that made the director or a university think I was wheelchair bound.

We can often jump to assumptions by how we treat others, just because they are wheelchair bound, or need a crutches to get around. It is just not that simple to assume that when we see a disabled person, that they need a wheelchair.

Disabled people come in all shapes, sizes and often forms, it may be something that you can see, and other’s you would not know.

I am deaf or can not speak this you can not tell just to look, an accident left me with a Prosthetic Limb, and even starting to go Blind did you even know?

I maybe in a Wheelchair or even able to Walk a few steps. It may or may not be Visible, for you to even the on looker to be able to tell. A Disabled Person may need to have a Powered Wheelchair just to get about, as the effort to push or wheel themselves is just to much too bare .

Understanding what it is like to feel your not always accepted for who you are, how would you feel if you had a child, parent or other loved one that had an illness or disability that ended up with them needing the use of a Wheelchair or developed an illness that others could not really see.

We are only human beings that are trying to get along with others, we sometimes do not understand what people are looking at or even why you do.

  • Is it really that hard to except us for who we are?
Peter Andrew Edwards

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